How do I win custody of my child after a divorce?

If you love your children and want full custody after a divorce, you will have to prepare for a long legal battle, especially if your former wife or husband is not willing to give up on parenting rights. Here is a list of 5 tips that will make it easier for you to get custody of your children. Following the tips is the key to increasing your chances of winning the case, whether with family law solicitors Manchester services or any other. They include:

1. Think of the child’s interests!

The court’s decision has to be made in the interest of the children. The only way you can get custody is by proving that you are the best option and that the child will be happier and safer with you. Do not harm the relationship your child has with the other parent and do not put your child in the middle of things.

Before filing a custody claim, it is essential to consider how the arrangements will affect the life of your son or daughter. Will your child have to move to another house/city/school? If yes, how fast will your child be able to make new friends and what neighbourhood he or she will leave in? A drastic change can do more harm than good!

2. Build a strong relationship with your child.

The stronger the bond between you and the child, the easier it will be to get custody. Make sure you spend enough time with your son or daughter to get to know him or her.

3. Get a lawyer!

A lawyer that specialises in family law can be of great help! You will get valuable information and help with completing formal papers and other legal arrangements. Keep in mind though, that an attorney cannot do all the work! Make sure you stay informed and gather data that will help with your case.

4. Prove that you can support the child!

Besides the emotional attachment, a law court will be also interested in your assets. You must prove that you have enough room in your house, a steady job, that you live in a good neighbourhood and that you are a reliable adult!

5. Accept the court’s decision!

If you don’t win custody, remember though, that you are still a parent! Make sure you are entitled to visit your child and continue to keep a strong relationship with him or her! Accept the court decision and don’t protest, because in most of the cases the court decides what’s best for your child!